Yessir! Finals are Here! And Here are my Predictions…


My nightmare almost came to life just as I mentioned in my earlier blog. Oklahoma decisively took care of business which I had no problems with at all. As for the Heat, they had me worried a tad. Don’t it confused with me being a Heat fan, because I’m definitely not! I just really didn’t want to see them old guys in Boston get ran off the floor by Oklahoma high-powered offense. But alas, we will finally get to see someone of the new school get a chance to taste the victory of being World Champions.

But who will that be?

By looking at these two teams, they both have advantages that they can really exploit. Miami for example have the advantage of having a 6’11 Power Forward in Chris Bosh who can hit the mid-rage jumpshot. Ibaka, who will likely have the assignment of checking Bosh, will have to honor that shot, which will ultimately take him out of the paint to disrupt shots when James, Chalmers, and Wade are attacking the basket. And they will be attacking the basket. That’s why I believe the emergence of Bosh back in the rotation is a huge boost for Miami. Udonis Haslem, who often goes unnoticed during big games such as these really plays big knowing that he can play his core game of being a big rebound and defensive presence. Haslem really shines when he isn’t so much of a focal point as a offensive big man. With Bosh back, he can now play his natural game.

As sad as my next statement might sound, I have to say this. Wade has to bring his game! And by game, I am not talking about just 24 minutes of it. I’m talking about bringing it the full 48 minutes! I am not sure where it is has gone this playoffs, but it constantly comes and goes from game to game. On minute you are saying, “okay, there’s the DWade from 06″. Then, there’s other times where you are telling yourself, ” This isn’t the DWade that I know!”. At this point in Dwayne Wade’s career we should never be questioning whether he will bring his game to the Finals or not. After all we are talking about the once NBA MVP of the Championship, 8 times all-star, 2 time NBA All-First Team, the list goes on. But from the way he has played in this year’s playoffs, its a must. Averaging a playoff total of 47 percent in field goals this year, Wade has dropped after obtaining averages of 49 percent last year and 56 percent two years prior. That’s not good when you see that you are going head to head with Westbrook and Harden. He has to win these battles.

Now lets move oImagen to the Oklahoma City Thunder. One major advantage that is clear for the Thunder is the bench production which Harden gives compared to the entire bench of the Miami Heat. In the regular season, the Miami Heat average 26.2 points per game off the bench ranking them 26th in the league overall. The Thunder, however, average 32.3 points per game off the bench. Leading the charge is none other than Sixth Man of the Year James Harden with a season average of 16.8 ppg and a career playoff high of 17.6. And just as a reminder, no one off the Heat bench averages over 10.0 ppg.

So I guess by now you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned the epic battle that will take place between Kevin Durant and Lebron James. My reason is because this matchup has its own hype already. Everyone and their momma are making predictions on who will get the better of the other person. In my opinion, for the majority of the game they will cancel each other out. Overall I believe both players will have a big series, some games slightly better than the other. Having said that, there are a few areas where I would give the advantage to Kevin Durant. One of them being on the free throw line. If the game is close down the stretch, Kevin Durant is the best at getting to the line AND knocking down his free throws. As for James, he has been struggling as of late averaging just 71 percent this playoffs and recently came off from shooting 65 percent in his series against the Celtics. Durant on the other hand is averaging 87 percent throughout this playoffs and knocked down 91 percent of his during his series against the Spurs.

Another area I would give to Durant will be those last few possessions of the game pending if the game is close. Everyone knows that when the game is close, Durant will have the ball in his hands and he will shoot it. Sadly enough, there is nothing anyone can do to prevent it. Also based on this playoff alone, he has been pretty good at hitting the last second shot too. If you don’t believe me, just ask the Lakers and the Mavericks. Oddly enough, I can’t say the same thing for the Heat. They are in year two of this ” Big 3″ era and there is still no definitive person who will have the ball in the last few possessions of the game when they need a basket. As a result, they tend to turn the ball over constantly, or just appear to be stale and confused in their offensive sets. James and Wade often look at each to take the last which ultimately result in a bad play. Game 4 of the Boston/Heat series deemed to be the case where James dribble to his right, looking to pass left. We both know what happened next.

So, having said all of this, I guess what I am eluding to is that I believe the Oklahoma City Thunder will be the World Champs after all is said and done. In taking everything into account, I just can’t get passed the disappearance of Wade. I’m reading some blogs that says that his knee has been bothering him but nothing that I have read has came directly from the Heat organization. Now some people criticize Russell Westbrook for his erratic point guard play but I’ll gladly take that problem any day then having my very own superstar shooting guard suddenly playing like nothing but a mere role player throughout the majority of the playoffs. That’s just unacceptable.

Feel free to comment below and let me know who you pick to win it all.


And So the Tables Have Turned

I am literally trying to find the words to express the nature of the NBA Playoffs right now and there is not one word I know that can describe it. Crazy? That’s more than an understatement. Exhilarating? Maybe. Disappointing? Yea to some. Regardless of what description you give the playoffs, you can never say that it hasn’t lived up to its expectations. 

Four teams left and over the course of two weeks, both series have been completely changed around. Why is that? Well….

Focusing on the Heat/ Celtics series, it started off with Miami picking up right where they had left off from the series vs the Pacers. They were constantly in fast break mode and Wade found a piece of his game from back in 06′. Though, things quickly began to take a turn for the worst in Game 2 when Boston became insulted by what they call the Heat “showboating” in their face. Players like Kevin Garnett didn’t take too kindly with Lebron laughing as if they had no chance in Hell of beating them.

As a result, Boston just flat out started playing hard ball with the Heat. They got every loose ball and started crowding the lane in which Lebron and DWade once camped out in. That is when everyone began to witness the momentum (and series) slowly shift to the once Defending Champions.

And we all know how well the Heat handles adversity.

Moving on to the Spurs/ Thunder series. I myself felt that Spurs were invincible in this playoffs. Just as I stated in my previous blog, their ball movement is impeccable and you cannot ignore their level of constancy that they have carried throughout the postseason thus far. But I had also stated how tough of a battle the Oklahoma City Thunder will be which turned out to be true.

The first two games of the series were clearly in favor of the Spurs. Although they got off to a rocky start, by Game 2 the Spurs were back to their high pick and roll action. The role players were playing at their highest and Oklahoma needed to regroup fast. And they did.

Thunder went on to win 3 straight games against the Spurs, first time it has been done to them all season.If I have to give the credit to anybody it will have to be coach Scott Brooks. A Simple adjustment with putting Thabo Sefolosha on Tony Parker completely threw the Spurs off their game. Parker had slowed down tremendously and began forcing the issue, which led to points off turnovers in favor of Oklahoma City. I can’t ignore that the Thunder led by their version of the ‘Big 3′(Durant, Westbrook, Harden) really elevated their game to outplay Parker, Ginobili, and Duncan.

Both tonight and tomorrow night are close out games that I am looking forward to watch. Let’s see there will be any other twist and turns to this NBA Playoff soap opera.



38 Studios and their Downfall


Well its always sad to report about another company releasing a mass number of employees. This one falls in the hands of 38 Studios.

38 Studios (formerly Green Monster Games) was an entertainment and IP company that focus was a range of products such as toys, novels, film/television, and also console video games. The founder of the company is former baseball all-star Curt Schilling. Schilling founded the company in late 2006. To this date, their most notable product is the RPG single player game titled: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Reports in early May began to spread that 38 Studios was under heavy consideration of shutting down. Then, tweets from employees began to surface confirming the accusations.

Now it appears to be the ‘blame game’ being played. Taxpayers are reportedly outraged at Schilling for mismanaging their money. Though, according to the recent blog from, former employees disagrees with this notion. Some believe that it was more politics then anything that became the decline of 38 Studios.

Regardless of who’s fault it is, there are still a lot of people that are out of jobs due to this mess. I feel that everyone from Schilling to the Governor should create a solution for the ones that are now unemployed as a result of this. After all, they are the ones that are suffering the most.

I wish the employees and their families the best and hope that they can recover from this.

GameFly expanding and Creating Opportunities

The popular online site GameFly has recently announced a few changes that will benefit themselves as well as game developers. GameFly is widely known for its online subscription service for providing games for game consoles and handheld games. GameFly is commonly described as the “Netflix” of gaming.

In a recent blog written by, GameFly will now publish mobile games for both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms. They are set to launch their development fund to support the innovation of mobile gaming. As reported, GameFly is seeking game developers who has the passion and skills to develop great games, but doesn’t have the necessary resources to develop a mobile game on their own. GameFly is currently accepting admissions at

In other news with GameFly, they have also striked a partnership with Future Us as well as opening a GameFly GameStore which is expected to reach Android smartphones and tablets by the time the holiday season rolls around. Looks like GameFly is moving in the right direction. Much success to them!


So I call myself preparing a nice meal, and enjoying what I thought would be a competitive Game 5 matchup between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers. As it turns out, I ended up watching a bad episode of WWE only with bad offense on one of the team’s behalf. Now I like a good, physical game like anybody else. But what I like most is a competitive BASKETBALL GAME.

To have an extremely physical game without good basketball play is extremely frustrating. One team is getting stomp down like a half lit cigarette while the other team is taking full pleasure in providing this beat down. So you know who I’m going to blame for last nights debauchery? Yes, the Indiana Pacers. Pacers were first to initiate the physical play, which led me to believe that they had the offensive prowess to back up their trash talk. And they have in every game before Game 5. Now before you twist your face as if I’m writing with pure absurdity, take a moment to look at how they got two wins off of the Miami Heat.

In Game 2 which led to the Pacers winning 78-75 in Miami, Indiana dominated in rebounding 50-40. Three different Pacers (Hibbert, West, and George) all achieved double digit rebounding numbers. For those who aren’t aware, the more rebounds you gain results in more opportunities for your team to score. Also, when you have a 7’0 center with pretty decent skills on your team, it definitely creates an advantage in the interior. That brings me to Game 3 where Roy Hibbert had the best game of his career ending with 19 points and 18 rebounds. Hibbert was engaged from the start of the tip and everybody else fed off of him. The Pacers once again out rebounded the Heat 52-36 and it didn’t hurt that besides Hibberts explosion in the game, three other players scored in double figures.

Now fast forward to Game 5, it really boggles my mind why teams deviate from the blueprint that made them successful in the series. I understand that Dwayne Wade caught fire in between Games 4 and 5, which is a big reason why the Heat are rolling right now, but that is no excuse for the Pacers to not feed your center and power forward down low. Roy Hibbert was 4-9 finishing with 10 points in Game 4 and 3-10 finishing with 8 points in Game 5. David West went 3-8 ending with 8 points in Game 4 and 5-13 ending with 10 point at the end of Game 5. The bigs may struggle at times but Pacers only hope is to get them going. Also there is absolutely no reason to jack up 3 pointers within 10 seconds of the shotclock without calling a single play. Pacers average was at 36 percent from behind the arc during the regular season. Since the playoffs had began, their 3 point percentage dropped to 31 percent. This may indicate that shooting 89 3 pointers in a single game may not be such a good idea.

Some may ask me why I’m being so critical of the Pacers. I just want every game to be competitive that’s all. The NBA season winding down and this is suppose to be the best of the best playing right now. Both teams are familiar with each other so there is no excuse to have games ending in a 30 point blowout. I don’t expect the Pacers to win the series, but if you are going to be initiating this “physical” style of play and talking smack, the least you can do is put up a better offensive performance than this.

Is that too much to ask?!

My Playoff Nightmare

Welp. After last night, my favorite team, Los Angeles Lakers, have officially been kicked out of the playoffs. I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming due to the lack of cohesiveness we all saw with the team. With Bynum’s erratic behavior off the court, Gasol’s refusal to grasp the concept of being assertive for 48 minutes, Kobe one-on-one battle with Father Time, and the organization stupidity to find a decent replacement for Lamar Odom, the Lakers were clearly in turmoil from the beginning. But referring back to the title of this blog, the Lakers losing isn’t my playoff nightmare. What really alarms me is a particular matchup that we may be doomed to see in the NBA championship, Boston Celtics vs San Antonio Spurs.

There is one thing that I can’t stand more than the Lakers losing, is the The Spurs winning. Don’t get me wrong, I highly respect Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Greg Popavich, and the rest of the Spurs Organization and the way they seem to be in the conversation of winning a title year after year. Popavich is by far one of the best coaches to coach the game and everyone who plays for Pop seems to take on his mentality on the floor. Now Spurs fans may read this and call it jealousy, which I definitely won’t deny, but be that as it may it irks me deeply visualizing the possibility of them hoisting up another trophy.

That is why this Western Conference Finals matchup with the Oklahoma City Thunder is so pivotal. The Thunder is the last line of defense, but the most formidable. OKC creates one big matchup problem with San Antonio that they have never seen before. That problem begin and ends with trying to stop the 3 time scoring champion in Kevin Durant. Durant is a 6’10”/6’11” mix breed between a guard and a forward. He can put you in the low post and simply shoot over the top if you send a smaller guy on him, or, he can bring you out on the perimeter and take it straight to the basket if you send a big man at him. Did I mention his 3 point shooting? With his average totaling 34% after the first round, his percentage jumped to nearly 40% after the conference semi-finals. Oh yea and if you decide put him on the line, don’t. He drains about 80% of his free throws on average. Bottom line, the guy is practically impossible to guard.

As for the rest of the Thunder, I believe that they match up pretty well against the Spurs. Russell Westbrook will have the tough task of checking Tony Parker and vice versa. The benchplay is led by one former Sixth Man of the Year/ future Hall of Famer in Ginobili for the Spurs and the reigning  Sixth Man of the Year in James Harden for the Thunder. Duncan will definitely exploit his advantage down low with Perkins and Ibaka which definitely favors the Spurs. Overall, this series will be fun to watch but as I stated earlier, my worst fear is for the Spurs to come out victorious.

Now as far Boston, my dislike for them goes a long way. Though I can honestly say it escalated when the Celtics defeated the Lakers back in 2008. But just like I gave credit to the Spurs, I have to give the same credit to the Celtics as well. Their ability to remain competitive through injuries really shows the character of this team. Despite my feelings towards the Celtics as a whole, I do love the coaching style of Doc Rivers. He really knows how to put players in different positions where he can get the best production out of them. Also, hearing his in-game speeches makes me want to get off the couch and play all out for him. Rondo guard play is just beginning to pick up,  I can’t go on without mentioning Pierce which seems like he have just realized that he’s in a playoff series, and whoever gave Kevin Garnett the ‘Fountain of Youth’ serum gave it to him at the right time. The high level of play that he is performing at is exactly what they need to propel them past the Sixers and the Heat (pending they meet next round), which is why I’m so alarmed by this.

Right now, the Heat are in a grudge match (and I mean that literally) with the Indiana Pacers. Its imperative that Lebron and Dwayne Wade end this series as soon as possible. By the looks of last nights game, there will be a lot of players limping by the end the series. You don’t want it to be your star players. Celtics will wrap up their series by next game, giving their veterans a little time to rest in between series. The matchups with Boston and Miami favors Boston on paper on due to the absence of Bosh at the power forward position. Garnett will have his way down there and the Heat may just have to accept that. On the flip side, Lebron and Wade will have to play at a extremely high level to counter the disadvantage they have at center position as well as at the point guard position. Speaking of point guards, rest assure that Rondo will have a big series.

To make a long story short, the road is paved for these two teams to meet in the finals, and that scares me. I do not want to see the Spurs boring offense against Bostons Big Three. The game will be slow moving and full of methodical moves by both teams. If you picture a highly publicized game of chess, you will have this series. My anticipated matchup is most likely what the public wants as well, Heat vs Thunder. The two games that they played in the regular were so intense and physical. The Durant and Lebron matchup will clearly be the best one on one matchup that we all may be able to witness in this era of basketball. Sounds good. I know it does to me at least. But I really think this is more of a fallacy than anything else by the way the playoffs is shaping out to be.

Learning to Use Audio for Game Development

Today I had the chance to sit in on a few presentations which really sparked my interest. Both circled around the theme of creating audio for a game. Brian Crick, member of the Cleveland Game Developers Group, lead off the talk by showing what goes into composing different melodies that you may hear within a video game. He also showed through a number of examples how you can build on a simple set of keys on a keyboard to make a unique melody.

Jarryd Huntley, another member of the Cleveland Game Developers Group, was the second of the two speakers to present today. His presentation focused more on the sound effects that you may hear in movies and video games, but never paid attention to it. He also mentioned that when creating a sound, the quality of your equipment will determine the quality of your sound. Jarryd also touched on licensing audio samples versus recording your own. Samples may be tricky due to the restrictions they may have (i.e commercial use, same use as product). The presentation ended with Jarryd showing the audience step by step how he created a sound effect from scratch using an application called ‘Audacity’.

By hearing the two presentations, I never would’ve thought so much went into creating sound for your game. Also, I barely paid attention to the music and sound effects that are on the games that I normally play lol. It really taught me that a lot of work really goes into finding the right sound for the game you are developing. If the sound is wrong, the whole game may be thrown off. Now thanks to the speakers, I will always dissect the sound of every game and try to decipher exactly what am I hearing lol.